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Good afternoon Great Nigerians. Please pay very good attention to this post/article. I shall start with this news about “Uploading of WAEC result on JAMB portal”. 

As you all know or may have heard, for some days now, there has been this news that, JAMB said all those that took WAEC this year should go and upload their result on JAMB’s website/Portal……. However, If you use to read or follow my post, I still posted something here few days ago, where I said that such news is not coming from JAMB and therefore not OFFICIAL, But some of you are still going ahead to waste your time and money in doing your so called ‘Uploading’…….

But, here is the TRUTH everyone should know about this WAEC result uploading. The truth is that JAMB DID NOT IN ANY WAY, open any portal for anyone to upload any result. If you think I am lying, Just log into your JAMB profile and check if you will see any place where they wrote or asked you upload your WAEC result. …….The problem with so many Admission seekers is that, some of you don’t listen. Some of you don’t follow advice. Some of you are always too quick and fast to do things, whether such thing is useless or not………Those text messages some of you received, that said you should rush to a JAMB CBT center and upload your WAEC result is NOT FROM JAMB. Those messages were from some greedy CBT centres who want to use the means to get money from you people. This is why Nigeria is finding it very difficult to progress because we are still the cause of our own problems…..Just imagine some CBT centres collecting as higher as N700 to do the so called Uploading’.  
Okay, Just look at what a very good friend of mine observed today in another JAMB CBT centre and he decided to share the experience with me on Whatsapp…..Just hear from my friend “VITAL”
I went to CBT centre to verify d news about upload of weac result….From the response I am getting, they have no knowledge about it…..I have also checked some educational website to see if it is there but nothing like that. 

I tink it is a scam

U can verified for ur self 

Becus this fake news is making some aspirant panic.

Tank u”

So, have you all confirmed now that JAMB and even some CBT centres don’t know what is happening????? 
Well, for those of you who have already wasted their money doing the so called ‘Uploading’, you have no problem, Just that you have dashed them your money unknowingly and unnecessarily……for those of you who have not uploaded, please keep your money. JAMB have not asked you people to upload anything. If JAMB says so, we will inform you all immediately…. Whether you upload or not, it won’t deny you admission. A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE! 

1. The meeting is now scheduled to hold from August 21-22 this year. 

2. The meeting will be attended by the Federal minister for education (Malam Adamu Adams),  JAMB registrar and other high-ranked JAMB officials across the 36 states of the federation, All the VCs of universities, provosts of colleges of Education, and the Rectors of polytechnics/monotecnics,. 

3. It is on this coming meeting that JAMB will officially decided and release, the national cut off mark for Universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. 
4. Also, during this meeting, the above authorities will discus the admission method that will be used for this year’s admissions.  That is, whether there will be POST-UTME Or Admission screening. 

5.After this meeting on August 21st & 22nd, institutions in Te country, especially federal and state owned institutions will then begin to release their admission forms and also announce their cut off marks.  
Just few days ago, JAMB finished forwarding names of those of you that scored 100 and above in this year’s JAMB UTME, to your respective schools, (those schools you chose) for admission consideration. 
What this means is that, if you are a UNN aspirant and scored at least, 100 or above in this year’s JAMB UTME, JAMB have already sent your name and other details to UNN……It is now left for UNN to disqualify or qualify you with her general cut off mark this year. For instance, if your JAMB  score is 198, UNN is already with your name now, but if UNN release their admission form after August 22 and cut (200)….it means, you have been disqualified from anything about UNN admission for this year. 
So, in conclusion, I advice all of you who chose UNN and didn’t score up to 200 in JAMB, to rush now and do change of Institution, so that you will be on a safer side. Certainly, UNN general cut off mark this year will be 200. 
Finally, FOR UNN ASPIRANTS, I advice all of you here that scored up 200 in JAMB UTME this year, to start warming up for further admission activities because UNN form will be out immediately after JAMB coming meeting on August 21-22….UNN have no time to waste! 
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