Morell or Ado Gwanja, Who Is The Real Arewa Pasuma?

This two noble Arewa entertainers have got their listeners debating over who or who is Arewa Pasuma, As they are well known for their outstanding Music basically on women, girls and partying. The both artists have the highest listeners and fans by which majority of them are females from Arewa.

Pasuma is a popular Yoruba entertainer who is also known as the king Yoruba entertainers. He anchors and hosts most of the popular Yoruba weddings known as Yoruba demons, as the tribe is known to like to party

Ado Gwanja is a Kannywood actor from kano state who is known for his super role of Dan Kuka And other roles, his first single “Kujerar Tsakar Gida” hits every corner of Arewa. After that he drops another hot album describing his love for girls and how the love to party.

Mansa Musa also known as morel hails from Borno State, he is well known for his ever hit single “Aure” featuring the king of kannywood “Ali Nuhu” in the music video, this songs is in the mouth of every person in Arewa,Morell Anchors mostly all the weddings of the custodians of Arewa.

As statistics were made in 2019, these two artists secures the maximum number of invited Artist in Arewa in almost all the noble arewa weddings, as ado gwanja was popularly known as “limamin mata” and morel equally called “morell na mata ne”



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