Questions With Abimavibes – New King [Artist]

Hello Arewa, Welcome to the next episode of Questions with Abimavibes, A Q&A platform for All Arewa Artist, Entrepreneurs and others,

Today our Guest is The fast rising Knt Artist New King

Q1. What is your Name

Ans. My name is Muhammad Abdullahi Etsuworo……but most people know me better as New King Which is not just a Nickname but also part of my real name (Etsuworo) I just translated the name to English Lol.

Q 2. Give us a little biography of yourself in summary

Ans. Okay well…… I was born in Niger State (Kontagora) in the Year 1998……i started my Nursery school at Mustafa Comprehensive school, then went to other schools randomly and returned back to Mustafa Comprehensive school again and completed my secondary school there…..but I am currently Studying Accounting in IBB university Lapai.

Q 3. How do u start music

Ans. Can’t really say…….but I’ve been a Big fan of music ever since I was a Kid…i would always go to my uncle’s Room and listen to music and most of the songs he play are foreign (Hip Hop &RnB)
So that’s when I started memorizing every song I listen to…… I used to compete with friends and I was always better,
So due to the High rate of listening to it….. I started trying something different on a recorded song……sometimes I try my own lyrics on one or two verse on the song
So that made me believe I could really create my own thing…….with time I met few friends who also had the same thing on their minds and TSK was the first to put it out after that me and my crew Kings Nation dropped our first track and it had a massive turn up….. So that’s how I actually started Music.

Q 4. When did u start music4. When did u start music

Ans. I started Music in the Year 2016…….that was when i and my crew recorded our first Song Titled My lady

Q5. Who inspired u to start music

Ans As for me……. Long as u make Good music you will inspire me…… It doesn’t matter if you are upcoming like me…… But the people who inspired me to start Music are Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Mindless behavior, MI Abaga, Classiq and Kheengz etc…..But these are the main People who inspired me.

Q6. What type of Music do u make

Ans. Actually I am not trying to brag or something…….but I don’t think there is any kind of Music that will be hard for me to Make…….but I prefer Making Love Songs Because it is Easier and Sound more

Q 7. what type/genre of music do u like

Ans I really Like all but I prefer Afrobeat

Q 8. How many tracks have u got from now

Ans. Just 10

Q 9. Do u have an Album

Ans. No

Q 10. Tell us more about your music

Ans. I do almost all kinds of Music…….long as it sounds good but one thing I will like people to know is that……..most of the songs I make are not really about my lifestyle or my Girl…… I just like doing what people would like listen to
And there is big Difference between my real life and what I say in my music……….i would also like to use this medium to let people out there know that I have more Good music coming their way………i know I’ve been mute for a while but I have big plans and great things Coming God’s willing.

Q 11. How do u cope with the Artist lifestyle

Ans Good question, you see whenever people know you are an Artist…… They expect you to be proud or snubby……..but I am far different from that type of person because whenever I am not in the studio or show……..i even forget that I am an artist plus I am very Humble but only if you get close and get to know me.

Q 12. What are your Aims, goals and objectives

Ans.My Aim Right now is to be heard around the Country or the world if possible……..i also want to start getting paid, have that love and respect like other big artists.

My Goal is to be Among the biggest artist Arewa ever produced

And for the objectives
I just want to support any kind of talent not just music.

Q13.Who is your idol in the music industry

Ans. Ycee

Q 15. How would u Rank Arewa Entertainment Industry

Ans I can’t really say man……. But Arewa entertainment is really growing big not as good as the main industry………. But our Top Artists are doing really great

Q16. How do u see Arewa Entertainment Industry in few years from now

Ans. It will be great insha Allah

Q 18.How can you contribute to Arewa Entertainment Industry

Ans. By working to make good music

Q19. What are your Dreams

AnsI just want to Make it to the top man……..and I think I have what it takes to get there.

Q20. Who is your idol in the Nigerian Music Industry

Ans ycee

Q21. Who is your Idol in Arewa Music Industry

Ans kheengz

Q22. Classic or DJ Ab

Ans classiQ

Q23. Morell or Ado Gwanja

Ans morell

Q24. Boc or Kheengz


Q 25. Who do u think will move Kontagora Entertainment Industry

Ans. Kirabwoy



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