3 Important Things To Do After Having an Unprotected Sex

Some people worry alot when they have an unprotected sex with their partners because of the risk involved. some fear of being pregnant while some fear of contacting STI.
well, you shouldn’t panic, below are some 5 things to do after having an unprotected sex.

1.Be Calmed
it Is possible that even though u had an unprotected sex, the sperm didn’t fertilize meaning the u will not get pregnant, but it’s best to stay calm and give your sign for clearer signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

2. Take An Emergency Contraception.
if the intercourse happens in 72 hours, u need to take an emergency contraception pill, this can be taken as a prevention from getting pregnant. you can also get yourself a take home pregnancy test but always consult your Doctor.

A sample of a contraception pill 💊

3. Get tested For STI
Sexually transmitted infections doesn’t just show up as soon as others. Example HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis takes up to three month to be detected while gonorrhea takes 1 week to show up. having a STI without treating it can cause harm to your body and infect your partner as well. many STI doesn’t show up symptoms that’s another vital reason to get tested.


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