Relationship Talk: Common Mistakes You Make In Your Relationship ?

Nowadays alot of young people complain of having issues or problems in their relationships that’s leads to either breakup or divorce for the married ones.

Below are some of the mistakes you make in your relationship.

1. Check up on your partner more frequently
alot of us relationship crashes because of lack of care from either. one or both parties, calling your partner or reaching out to him/her is one of the best way to show how much u care about the person you are in a relationship with, if u cannot create a time for your partner then your relationship is likely to crash

2. Visit your partner more often.
Not just calling, chatting video calls and all, you need to visit your partner once in a while, but in these cases if u are not in the same environment that should not be a must. seeing your partner physically matters too in a relationship. pay your partner a visit once in a while.
but note: Don’t over stay your welcome

3. Trust Your Partner
The major pillar for a successful promotion is trusting your partner, make sure u trust your partner and your partner also trust you too. don’t be too desperate on knowing everything about him or everyonthe associates with.

4. Say Nice Things to your partner
One if the easiest way to make someone fall in love with you is to make that person believe it through the words to say to him. always say nice things about your partner, tell him/her how much u love them, tell them you are scared to loose them, compliment them in the presence of their friends or in public, celebrate them, be there for them, and I assure you that person will be yours for ever

5. Do not go through your partners phone
Another vital tool that destroys relationship is going through your partners phone, respect your partners privacy, do not intrude on what doesn’t concern you. do not go snoop through his phone, we all understand things differently, but if you are ready for heart attack, then u can proceed

6. Buy your partner nice gift.
Buying gifts for your partner makes love more romantic, study what your partner likes and surprise him/her with that thing as a gift, don’t just wait for valentine Day, normalize buying gift for your partner no matter how small it is

7. Create More Time for your partner
One of the worst thing to do is to tell your partner you are always busy. this clearly shows that you value something else more than him/her and that is going to chase him/her away. always create time for your partner no matter how busy you are, send them messages yelling them how your day went, how u are missing them, how u can’t wait take them out and other nice things.

Now Tell us on the comment section, What Other Mistakes Do You Make In Your Relationship?


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