Top 10 Fast-Rising Arewa Artists who Have Successfully Labeled Thier Names On Street Charts

The Arewa music industry has a range of Fast-rising Artists who have might not have found fame in its mainstream chart but have acquired a following on the street.

These artists have carved a loyal following in a competitive industry, becoming regular staples on most Arewa music lovers playlists.

Their style of music is defined by its gritty, raw nature birthed out of their struggles and hustling attitude.

Here are some of the Fast-Rising Nigerian artists that have successfully stamped their names on street charts;

1. Madox_TBB

Beyond the fast-paced side of street-hop music, which focuses on themes of being youthful, wild, and free. with hits like “sipili takwas sipili” “Sai Monday” “Believe” “Sabulu” “Nasani” “Basaja” amongst others, the street-hop performer continues to steadily stamp his vocal fingerprint on the genre’s corridors.

2. Mr 442

442 is a musical to be reckoned with. the zaria based artist rose to prominence after his controversial single, Zigidir and Kanin Fetur became a hit across Arewa. He was highlighted as one of the new guards of Street hop scene following the successful release of hit singles “soro soke” “Bata kwana” “shagali” package amongst others.

3. Bash Ne Pha

Bash Neh Pha is no stranger to street music, in fact, his 2021 viral hit “Bullet” featuring BOC Madaki was a regular staple on DJ’s playlist across Arewa. The song has propelled him to become one of the well-accepted artists on the streets.

4. Namenj

Another Street Favorite is Namenj, a bidding artist who blend indeginuos Afro-beat and alternative music.

He made rave and stormed the Arewa music industry with tracks like “Dama” “Fatana” “Aure” “wata rana” “Rayuwata” and “Rai na”.
Despite his wide skill set, he has amassed a sizable following for his inspirational style of music, which attempts to provide hope to the hopeless and motivate people.

5. Hamisu Breaker

Hamisu Breaker Dorayi is another indeginuos artist whose sounds is bubbling and steadily gaining acceptance on the streets of Arewa.

He gained mainstream attention with his hit song, ‘Jaruma” which got millions of streams and views across all digital platforms.

6. Lilin Baba

Lilin Baba is a Nigerian indeginuos Afro-beat Artist who is gaining recognition in the Arewa Entertainment Industry. From honing his musical talent to being and actor. lilin Baba has steadily built a career that has found earned a fanbase in the street.
In addition, he is known for his hits tracks like “tsaya” “Inda Dadi” “taka rawa” “Ba Zama” “Ahaiye” and “Ba Wata”.

7. Soja Boy

Soja Boy is another artist whose sounds is bubbling and steadily gaining acceptance on the streets.

He gained mainstream after he was featured in a reality show “90days finance” with his British lover Lisa.
The Arewa Fast-Rising Afro-pop artist calmer and matured.
Prior to that, he had dropped hits like “I love you” “London town” “kece” “woman” “zara” and “your body”.

8. Chizo Germany

German Based Artist is another fan favorite in the streets of Arewa where the essentials of street ingredients were created.

with songs like “Jaruma” “Ifeoma” “Anty Me Bleaching” performed primarily in Hausa.

9. Bello Sisqo

Bello is a German based Nigerian Artist and also friends with Chizo Germany had contributed in Arewa Entertainment Industry.

The Artist has built a strong fan-base for himself with hit songs like “Arewa” “Fati” “Tsalle Daya” amongst others.

10. Don R

Although he is yet to have a mainstream hit single with his name, the Artist is a fan favorite on the streets of Arewa.
His vivid trap-influenced instrumentals has translated to the artiste— who has referenced his humble beginnings — receiving thousands of streams on Audiomack for his more popular songs like Ba Gudu, Zan Bada, and Let Them Say.

Who is your Favorite among them?


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